Community Grants

Community Grants

As a developer of communities, we feel it’s important to give back by supporting local organisations, programs and individuals. Parklea currently supports and runs a number of community initiatives including the Parklea Winter Food Drive and Christmas Gift Drive, but we know we can do more.

With our Community Grants Program we’re reaching out to support local heroes in the South East by awarding grants to those who are making a difference to the way our community live, work and plays. From charities to community groups and local events, our aim is to create partnerships with groups that are contributing to the growth of social, supportive, and innovative communities across the South East.

“A vibrant community is shaped on values including friendship, respect, collaboration and diversity. Through the Parklea Community Grants Program, we are providing support to organisations and initiatives that promote these values; that assist individuals and families and bring members of communities together in meaningful ways. If you are making a difference in your community we want to hear about it.”

Andrew Facey
Founder, Parklea

Who is eligible to apply?

  • Local charities
  • Local not-for-profits
  • Local sporting group
  • Local community groups
  • Local events & activities
    If your organisation falls under one of these categories
    and you are based in Melbourne’s South East region,
    you are eligible to apply for a grant.

What are the Selection Criteria?

Parklea will award grants to organisations and programs
that improve the lifestyle and wellbeing of the local
Grant recipients will be chosen based on how they make
a meaningful impact on the community in the areas of
live, work and play. Applications should address how
the organisation or program contributes to one or all of
these areas.

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