Andrew Facey

Andrew Facey


Parklea has been creating quality residential, commercial and industrial developments since 1974 when it was established by Andrew Facey.

In 1968 a young Andrew Facey started what would become a long and successful career in real estate. 50 years on, Andrew is still passionate about property.

With a wealth of property experience as the third generation director of family business, Frank Facey Real Estate, Andrew Facey started Parklea with ambitions to be a major player in the development of the South East.

This experience instilled the importance of community and building places where people could live, work and play.

With an infectious energy and fast-forward thinking, Andrew, in turn, keeps his staff, his partners and his consultants working hard to keep up with his pace.

With Kaduna Park’s official launch this year and the already well-established successful Timbertop Estate now called home by many in Officer, there is no wonder that Andrew Facey has had a profound impact on Parklea Development’s success.