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Commercial precincts with community focus

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We believe every development requires integrity. Our whole team is dedicated to delivering this. Parklea and all that we have achieved is proudly my legacy.


Leading the way in property development 

Parklea is an Australian owned company leading the way in property development within Victoria. With over 40 years experience in industrial, commercial and residential projects, our experience and success has been proven time after time. We recognises the needs of each individual project through intensive research, extensive planning and dedication. All these qualities are reflected in the finished product.

At Parklea we are passionate about innovation, environmental sustainability and quality through design, engineering, construction and delivery. We combine our expertise and forward-thinking with our passion for communities to help shape the way in which Victoria lives, works and plays.


Environmental sustainability is a critical element in designing a project to serve the community in a responsible way - not just for today, but into the future.


From design, to engineering, construction and delivery of our projects, creating quality is mandatory.


Our team are all experts in their field, whom work seamlessly together

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